Counting the Blessing of Blogging

Today we are hearing from the lovely Deb Wolf of Counting My Blessings. Deb is one of the most welcoming bloggers I have encountered. She truly makes a seat at the table for everyone.

You can connect with Deb over on her blog, Counting My Blessings, or in her facebook group just for bloggers, Blessing Bloggers. Also, every Friday she hosts a link up on her blog. It’s a great opportunity to connect with other bloggers and possibly be featured as a top post on her blog the following week. Without further ado here’s Deb! 🙂

Counting the blessings of blogging with Deb Wolf

How did you get started as a blogger?

I didn’t follow the typical blog launch pattern, in that I didn’t set out to start a blog. But one January afternoon about a dozen years ago, I answered a phone call and after a pleasant exchange of hellos, the person on the other end of the line said, “I’m calling from the TJX Co. and we’d like you to join other team members and help us start the HomeGoods Design Blog.” 

That was how I learned the technical part of blogging but the ministry part came from a huge work God was doing in my life during that same period. 

After living most of life overwhelmed by fear and anxiety, God, in His grace and mercy, allowed me to live through one of my greatest fears and to be completely broken. (I know, most of us don’t think of that as grace and mercy.) 

But as He held me close and gently pieced me back together … He proved to me that He is greater than my circumstances and able to meet every need one moment at a time. 

And I knew I had to tell people! 

You see, I’d grown up in the church, married a pastor, and raised preacher’s kids. I always trusted Jesus for my eternal future but what I learned through His healing grace was that I could trust Him with today as well. 

And that blessing changed everything!

I’ve been “Counting My Blessings” and passionately telling people about what God can do at the intersection of faith and life ever since. 

Deb’s typical day…

I start every day with my Bible and prayer journal. 

God’s Word was a huge part of my healing process. In my brokenness, I grabbed my Bible and read from Genesis through Revelation in 3 months … I’ve read it at least once each year for the past 14 years. 

After that, I spend the rest of the morning taking care of email and keeping up to date and scheduled on social media. I do most of my writing in the afternoon. 

Although I keep a very flexible schedule, I spend a good part of every day in my office either working on my blog or connecting with readers and other bloggers. 

Connecting with others is what makes blogging truly feel like ministry. I love it! 

Two important pieces of advice from Deb…

Write the way you talk and not the way they taught you to write in English class. 

I try to picture myself sitting with a friend over a cup of coffee. It keeps me from sounding “preachy” and helps me stay natural to my voice. 


The most important advice I can give is to pray and give your blog to God. I regularly ask Him to give me the words He wants me to write, to send those words where He wants them to go, and that He will use them for His glory! 

Blog helps Deb loves… 

For writing – I can’t get by without and

And for social media – I’m a huge fan of scheduling through and

Top posts from Deb… 

My number one post by far is 5 Ways to Know if Something is from God

Other popular posts are…

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Deb is a passionate blessing counter who loves learning about the ways faith and life intersect … the ways a relationship with God through faith in Jesus can make an impact on every moment of the day. 

Her word for 2019 is SEEK and the verse … Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and He will give you everything you need. Luke 12:31.

Deb lives in Missouri with her husband and furry child, Sadie now that all of their human children are grown and have little ones of their own. And yes, being a grandparent is the best!

She’s hoping you will join her on PinterestFacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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  1. Wow great advice Deb! Thank you for sharing your testimony and the power of staying in God’s word.

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