5 Mistakes to Avoid as a New Blogger

Mistakes are inevitable as a new blogger. Any time you set out on a new journey, there is going to be a learning curve.

Ruth Soukup, founder of The Elite Blog Academy, states that, “mistakes are just an opportunity to learn”.

Mistakes will happen along your blogging journey, just be sure you learn from them, and they will only make you stronger. Below I share 5 mistakes I have made that you can hopefully avoid along the way.

5 Mistakes to Avoid as a New Blogger

1. Overthinking

If someone asked a room full of people to raise their hand if they ever struggled with overthinking as a blogger, my hand would be the first one up. This is something I am extremely guilty of doing.

One thing that really helped me improve in this area was listening to this amazing episode from the incredible “Next Right Thing” podcast. In this episode, Emily P. Freeman does a great job of simplifying creativity.

She gives you permission to go after your creative passions with enthusiasm.

After I listened to this podcast episode, I felt so much freedom to just invent and create as God has called me to and to stop overthinking every little thing.

Overthinking can quickly steal your joy and passion. It makes things much more difficult than they need to be. So relax and enjoy this journey. Allow yourself to think and work outside the box.

Trying new and different things is a wonderful thrill, don’t allow overthinking to steal that from you.

2. Trying to do it all at once.

This is another biggie and something I don’t feel is discussed often enough in the blogging community.

There really is an order to blogging and when you start trying to do things before the correct timing, you are going to be left feeling burnt out quickly.

I know this was the case for me when I first started blogging. I jumped in headfirst and was doing things long before I needed to.

I was wasting time and energy on unnecessary things that were not serving my reader or my blog because I hadn’t done “first things first”.

Ruth Soukup is famous for focusing on “first things first” in the blogging community. This mindset saved my sanity and my blog.

When you first start your blog, your focus should be on creating great content. Don’t worry about Pinterest images, themes, or freebies for now.

I know those things are hard to ignore, but without great content they will not serve your audience anyways.

Focus on creating 10-15 great posts that encompass what your blog is all about, and then move onto creating images and updating your theme. Trust the order of blogging and allow things to fall into place accordingly.

3. Seeking guidance from too many sources.

This is such an easy trap to fall into. Everywhere you turn there are people offering blogging advice.

As a new blogger you want to absorb as much information as you can, but this is not going to help you in the long run. It is only going to leave you feeling overwhelmed. (Read this post if you are feeling overwhelmed!)

My recommendation is to find one or two people you trust in the blogging community and block out all the rest. This will save you so much time and energy.

If you start trying to do everything, everyone is telling you to do, you are just going to be spinning your wheels without actually making any progress. Trust me, I know from experience.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to choose one or two trustworthy blogging instructors and ignore the rest. Subscribe to their email list, reach out to them with questions, and go to their blogs for advice.

I would love to be one of those people for you, but I am also big on not adding to the commotion in an already populated community. I encourage you to find “your people” and stick with them.

4. Comparing yourself to others.

This is an easy trap to fall into as a new blogger. You see all the perfectly manicured blogs and wonder if yours will ever even remotely resemble those blogs.

When comparison starts to creep in, remember that everyone started from square one just like you. They didn’t just decide to become a blogger and magically have perfectly manicured content, with a beautiful theme and tons of active readers.

They had to navigate the uncomfortableness of being a beginning blogger also. They had to fight through the learning curve and just keep going.

They had failures and upsets along the way too. So, I’d like to encourage you to stop comparing yourself to others, stay focused on your own journey, and take things one step at a time.

I know I’ve already mentioned her once in this post, but Emily P. Freeman has a great episode on her podcast The Next Right Thing titled “Be a Beginner”. It is about allowing yourself to be a beginner.

It’s so encouraging, and I am sure it will help you when you feel comparison beginning to creep in again. Check it out here!

5. Not extending grace to yourself.

Like I mentioned in the introduction, mistakes are inevitable as a new blogger. They are going to happen, so be willing to give yourself grace along the way.

Treat your mistakes as an opportunity to learn and keep going. They are going to happen, and that is OK.

Avoid the mistakes you can, and then allow the ones that do occur to be lessons for moving forward. Blogging is not a one size fits all situation.

What works for one blogger may not always work for you. Stick with the things that do work and release the things that don’t work.

Get Blogging!

The best thing you can do as a new blogger is to just keep going!

Along the way avoid overthinking, doing too much at once, seeking help from too many sources, comparing yourself to others, and being too hard on yourself; and you will enjoy the journey so much more.

As Emily P. Freeman would say allow yourself to be a beginner. You’ve got this!

Have questions about blogging? Feeling stuck or completely overwhelmed? Reach out to me here, I’d love to connect with you!  

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