10 Confessions to Speak Over Your Blog

Speaking the Word over our lives is one of the most powerful things we can do as Christians. The Word is described as the sword of truth. This means we can literally fight battles with the Word.

Chances are you might be fighting some battles with your blog. The enemy does not want Christians sharing the message of Jesus Christ, and he is probably fighting to keep you from doing just that.

The more people your blog reaches, the more people will hear about our amazing savior. Let’s begin to confess these 10 things over our blogs and watch the light of Jesus shine ever brighter.

10 Confessions to Speak Over Your Blog

1. I am chosen by God to speak out for Him, to tell others of the night and day difference He made for me. (1 Peter 2:9-10 Msg.)

I love the way the message translation portrays this verse. We are CHOSEN to speak out for God. We are CALLED to tell others of the night and day difference He made in our lives.

I don’t know about you, but life looks completely different than it did before I truly surrendered it all to Him. I am called to share this with others.

Blogging is an awesome way to share the night and day difference God has made in your life. Go about blogging with the realization that you have been CHOSEN for this.

I guarantee your passion for your blog will increase as you realize it is what you were made to do. Use your blog to share about all God has done for you in your life.

2. I am equipped to be a blogger. (Hebrews 13:21)

God will not call you to anything He will not equip you to do. I really struggled with this one. I did not feel equipped to share my story, and once I finally got over that fear; God called me out even deeper and told me to begin helping other bloggers.

I definitely did not feel equipped to help other bloggers as a new blogger myself, but God showed up like He always does and began equipping me.

Declare this over yourself. God will equip you to blog, no matter how unqualified you may feel.

3. I have insight into God’s kingdom. (Matthew 13:11 Msg.)

What a powerful confession. We live in a world full of people who are constantly searching for insight or something to heal their brokenness.

As believers we have insight into the kingdom of God. Do you regularly tap into your God given insight?

Begin to confess this over yourself. Wouldn’t it be awesome to share some of that insight on your blog? People would come from far and wide to read about God’s kingdom.

Declare and believe this over yourself today!

4. God’s words will never go void. (Isaiah 55:11)

I strongly believe that God has a plan to use blogs and bloggers to share His message with others.

As God shares things with you to share on your blog, keep in mind that His words will never go void. If a post you know God motioned you to write does not go as public as you hoped, keep in mind that His words will always land in the hands of those he intends for them to reach.

The message translation describes this as completing the assignment he gave them. “So, will the words that come out of my mouth not come back empty-handed. They’ll do the work I sent them to do, they’ll complete the assignment I gave them.” (Isiah 55:11 MSG.)

5. I have God blessed eyes that see, and God blessed ears that hear. (Matthew 13:16 Msg.)

Maybe you don’t feel like you have God blessed eyes that see, and God blessed ears that hear, but you do! Begin to declare it over yourself and see what happens.

The Word of God can be described as a seed. Plant this seed in your mind and heart and watch it grow.

God wants to reveal things to you to share with others. Open your God blessed ears and listen to all He has to say. You and your blog will be blessed by it!

6. Where I am weak He is strong! (2 Corinthians 12:9)

Paul says in 2 Corinthians 12 that he delights in his weaknesses. Paul knows that where he is weak, God can fully manifest His strength.

This really takes the pressure off of us to know it all and be the best at everything. Just like with everything in the kingdom, this is backwards thinking; but weakness is actually a good thing.

We can actually rejoice over our weaknesses because God can show His wonderful strength through our weaknesses. What a comforting thing to remember and confess!

7. God’s ways are higher than mine. (Isaiah 55:9)

Remembering this makes surrendering our blogs and plans to Him so much easier. His ways are better than ours, no matter how wonderful we feel our ways may be.

The best thing we can do for ourselves and our blogs is to daily surrender it to Him. I assure you that the path He takes us down will be better than any path we could have dreamed up ourselves.

Surrender it all to Him and trust Him with your plans! Remember that His ways are always better than ours.

8. I am the light of the world, and I will let my light shine before others, that they may see God’s good deeds and glorify our Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:14)

We are called to be the light of the world. Blogging is an amazing way to let your light shine for all to see.

I was timid about starting my blog for a long time. I wasn’t sure what others would think of me or how they would perceive my blog, but I shouldn’t have let that hold me back.

We are called to be a light in this world. Let your light shine through your blog and allow others to see God’s good deeds.

9. I trust God completely with my blog. (Romans 1:17)

The message translation of Romans 1:17 says, “the person in right standing before God by trusting Him really lives”.

We are called to trust God completely. We are to put all of our faith in Him.

Luckily, we do not have to lean on our own understanding as we accomplish the work he has laid before us.

Lean into His understanding and put your trust completely in Him. When you do, you will begin to really live.

10. God is building my blog! (Psalm 127:1)

Surrendering, trusting, and having faith in Him, all lead the way for God to build your blog.

Psalm 127:1 in the message translation reads, “If God doesn’t build the house, the builders only build shacks. If God doesn’t guard the city, the night watchman might as well nap”.

We can’t do this on our own, we’ve got to lean in and trust in Him and allow him to build up our blogs the way He intends to build them. God will build your blog for you, if you allow him to build it.

Declare today that God is building your blog and watch as it transforms into the success it is meant to be!

Get Confessing!

I know without a doubt that if you begin declaring these 10 confessions over your blog, you will begin to see successes.

God wants to use you and your blog in a mighty way! Believe these confessions and declare them over your blog daily.

Plant the seed of these words in your heart, mind, and life. God will begin to move, and your blog will reach the people it is intended to reach.

Do you have a favorite confession?? I’d love to hear which one it is below.

Mine is, “Where I am weak, He is strong”. That confession gives me so much rest and reminds me that I don’t have to have it all together. It’s ok to be weak because it allows His strength to shine through me.

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