3 Tips to Avoid Information Overload as a Blogger

I was so naïve to all that blogging required when I set out to be a blogger. I remember after a few short weeks of blogging and trying to do “all the things”, I told my husband, “I just want to write and let someone else do everything else”.

Blogging truly involves a never ending to do list and can quickly become super overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Below I am giving you three tips to avoid information overload as a blogger.

3 Tips to Avoid Information overload

1. Find one or two people you trust for blogging advice.

When God called me to begin helping Christian bloggers I really wanted to say, “Are you sure God? There is already so much blogging advice being offered.”

The thing is, once you’ve achieved any level of success as a blogger, you are entitled to give advice; so, there is a lot of advice out there. This is a good thing because it means a lot of people have successful blogs, but this can also become overwhelming quickly!

Just because someone is giving blogging advice doesn’t mean you need to take it. I do realize I now fall into that “someone giving blogging advice” category. Please know that I prayerfully consider all the “advice” I give, and I hope it resonates with you. I certainly don’t want to add to the already chaotic amount of advice being given.

My suggestion is to find one or two people you trust and go to them for advice. Subscribe to their email list, reach out to them with questions if they are accessible, and let everyone else fall to the wayside.

This will immediately reduce the overwhelm because you simply can’t do everything that everyone is urging you to do. If you receive 10 emails a day from 10 different people with blogging advice, I encourage you to unsubscribe!

The time you spend reading those 10 emails could be spent working on your blog and being productive. Unfortunately, they are only going to leave you feeling more overwhelmed and burdened.

If you pick one or two people whose advice you really cherish and unsubscribe from the rest, this will serve you well in the long run.

2. Don’t click on every blogging article you see.

This is a tough one. Pinterest articles are so appealing, and people do a great job creating headlines that convince you that you must click it. Don’t do it!

This leads you down a rabbit trail, and before you know it you’ve spent the two hours you planned to spend working on your blog reading article after article and inevitably subscribing to 15 more email lists.

They may tell you they have the perfect freebie that is going to revolutionize your blog, but if you are already feeling overwhelmed, the last thing you need is one more thing on your to do list.

So, remember step one and only read articles from the one or two people you’ve chosen to trust in the blogging community. I promise this will serve you and your blog well.

It will keep you from wasting hours and hours reading click bait articles and also keep you from the overwhelm of being on too many email lists, signed up for too many challenges that you can’t keep up with, and keep you out of every Facebook group under the sun.

3. Take it one step at a time.

This is huge and something so few blogging instructors say to do. When I first set out to start a blog, I found myself quickly overwhelmed trying to learn and do everything all at once.

I felt extremely overwhelmed. I was trying to do “all the things” and missing some vital first steps in the process.

Then, I signed up for the Elite Blog Academy and Ruth Soukup, the founder, is all about first things first and focusing on one step at a time. This was exactly what I needed and absolutely revolutionized my blog and mindset.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and struggling with information overload, I would suggest making sure you aren’t focusing on the wrong things at the wrong time.

At the beginning of this post I made the statement about wishing I could just write when I was first launching my blog. Well, guess what I should have been doing? Writing!

Valuable content is vital to a successful blog. No Pinterest image, email Opt-in, or theme can make up for a lack of well written content. Focus on first things first and get great content out there.

Don’t worry about Pinterest images, Opt-ins, or your theme until you have at least 10-15 pillar blog posts. Once you’ve written 10-15 blog posts that really represent what your blog is all about, you can start focusing on your theme and images.

But, do first things first and you will feel way less overwhelmed throughout your blogging journey. Everything comes in time.

You will soon have a well populated email list and lots of freebies for your readers, but you aren’t serving anyone well if you are trying to master everything all at once and forgetting to do first things first.

Your number one goal as a blogger is to have amazing content for your reader. Become an expert in this area, and your blog will flourish. Everything else will soon fall into place, I promise!

Wrapping things up!

I hope these three tips are allowing you to breathe a little deeper and to feel like you can slow down a bit. God did not call you to blogging to overwhelm you.

Blogging is a process and will take some time, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Find one or two people you trust for advice and ignore the rest, don’t scroll Pinterest for every blogging article you can find, and keep first things first and you will be well on your way to reducing the overwhelm you currently feel.

Overwhelmed is not a fun place to be, so take a deep breath and enjoy the journey. Before you know it, you’ll be an expert in this field!

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2 thoughts on “3 Tips to Avoid Information Overload as a Blogger

  1. Excellent article! I have definitely fallen into the trap of reading blogging article after blogging article on Pinterest and getting overwhelmed, instead of just buckling down and writing content. What an important reminder to just focus on one step at a time. Great advice — thank you!

    1. One step at a time has been my saving grace through this blogging journey. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed with all the advice being given, but the best thing to do is to stay focused on your journey and take it one step at a time. 🙂

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