3 Things Every Christian Blogger Should Do Daily

As a blogger you have a never ending to do list. There is always an image to be made, a link to add, a post to edit, and the list can go on and on. The question is, are you including the most important things on your to do list?

As Christian bloggers we must stay connected with God and ensure that we aren’t letting all the other blogging “to dos” take over our most important “to dos”.

Below I discuss three things that are essential for every Christian blogger to do daily.

3 Things Every Christian Blogger Should Do Daily

1. Spend time in the Word.

Gaining a deeper understanding for the Word is vital as a Christian blogger. We must know the Word in order to share the Word with others. This should be our first priority each day.

As we spend time in the Word, God will reveal things for us to share on our blogs. They will be the things God desires for us to blog about, not just the things we want to blog about.

I have learned from experience that when I blog about the things He reveals to me, they are much more impactful than when I just blog about the things I want to blog about.

If spending time in the Word is a struggle for you, check out this post with 10 Tips to Study the Bible.

2. Set aside time to listen to God.

I was recently listening to my favorite Podcast, “The Next Right Thing” by Emily P. Freeman, when she made a statement about allowing quiet time during your quiet time.

She is a genius with words, so she phrased it much more eloquently then I just did; but the point being, do we actually have times when we are quiet before the Lord?

This really struck a chord with me. I realized how little time I actually spend just listening. My quiet time usually consists of praying, reading the Word, and worshiping, but very little time just listening.

God wants to guide us in the right direction for our blogs, but we must make listening to His directions a priority in our daily to dos. Leave space in your day just to listen for what He would have you do.

As many bloggers do, I set up an editorial calendar I had planned to implement, but it seemed that each time I was preparing the post I had planned to do for that day; I felt God tugging me in a different direction.

One day in particular, I had a post ready to go for that day; when I felt God shift me in a different direction. As I began writing the post I was feeling led to write, the words just flowed out of me.

It ended up being my longest post ever, and I wrote it in a very short amount of time. It was a total God thing. The post went viral and drove tons of traffic to my blog.

It was truly amazing! I am thankful I listened for God that day and followed His lead. Be sure you spend time each day just listening for Him. He will guide you in the right direction.

3. Surrender all to him daily.

Surrender is a word we hear often as Christians, but do we truly live our lives from a place of surrender? Have we truly surrendered our blogs to Him?

Very early into blogging God put it on my heart to begin helping other Christian bloggers. This frightened me, and I didn’t feel equipped. God continued to remind me that He would not call me to anything He would not equip me to do.

I was also feeling a bit disappointed. I knew God was calling me to walk away from my other blog, and I really didn’t want to walk away from that blog.

I was thoroughly enjoying the content I was writing and was loving hearing from others that it was impacting their lives too, but I knew God was calling me to go in a different direction.

I wish I could say I just surrendered it to Him that easily, but I didn’t. I spent months wasting time trying to figure out how I could do them both or how I could keep doing what I wanted to do, while also doing what I felt God calling me to do.

It was not until I fully surrendered to His plan that I began to feel peace and make progress in helping other Christian bloggers. I heard it said once that our inability to obey God is a lack of understanding of who He is.

We must understand that God only wants the best for us. Anything He is asking us to do is for our good. Trust that today. Surrender anything and everything He is asking you to surrender. It is for your benefit!


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    Do you do these things daily? Are they priorities on your blogging to do list? It is so easy to get caught up in all the other “to dos” that we forget about the most important ones.

    I urge you to incorporate these things into your daily life. Remember that God has called you to blogging and continue to seek Him every step of the way.

    Don’t be afraid to abort your plan for His plan. He will never lead you in a direction that will harm you. Spend time listening for Him to guide you and be willing to surrender all to Him.

    I’d love to hear from you! What things do you do daily that impact your faith-based blog?

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    4 thoughts on “3 Things Every Christian Blogger Should Do Daily

    1. I also pray each day before working on my blog, that it will be what God intends for it to be.

      1. It’s so freeing to place it in His hands, thanks for reading! 🙂

    2. I love your comment about not following your editorial calendar and listening to what God is speaking to you about blogging that day. I have made so many “plans” and editorial calendars, but when sitting down to write, I feel God telling me something different. It actually happened today. Thanks for pointing out that it’s okay to listen to God and write what he is nudging us to write that day. I love your blog! Thank you for encouraging us all!

      1. Thank you Kimberly! Yes, we must respond to His promptings. He will never steer us in the wrong direction. ❤️

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